Our Basic Business Principles

Panasonic Corporation is guided by its Basic Management Objective, which states, “Recognizing our responsibilities as industrialists, we will devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing the quality of life throughout the world.”

Seven Basic Business Principles

In 1929, our founder Konosuke Matsushita penned his Seven Basic Business Principles, based on his belief that success can only be achieved if all employees understand what they are doing and why. It was his desire that everyone in the organization have a sense of purpose, a clear direction, and a firm basis for tackling problems in an ever-changing world. He believed that these principles, based on a philosophy that respects nature and society, are applicable to any country in the world, at any time.

More than eight decades later, Panasonic employees around the world find these principles as relevant in our age of digital and wireless technologies as when Matsushita first wrote them. We support these principles in everything we do. All of our employees around the world aim to continually provide valuable ideas to enrich people’s lives and contribute to the advancement of society through our development, manufacturing, sales, and service activities.

Contribution to Society

We will conduct ourselves at all times in accordance with the Basic Management Objective, faithfully fulfilling our responsibilities as industrialists to the communities in which we operate.

Fairness and Honesty

We will be fair and honest in all our business dealings and personal conduct. No matter how talented and knowledgeable we may be, without personal integrity, we can neither earn the respect of others, nor enhance our own self-respect.

Cooperation and Team Spirit

We will pool our abilities to accomplish our shared goals. No matter how talented we are as individuals, without cooperation and team spirit we will be a company in name only.

Untiring Effort for Improvement

We will strive constantly to improve our ability to contribute to society through our business activities. Only through this untiring effort can we fulfill our Basic Management Objective and help to realize lasting peace and prosperity.

Courtesy and Humility

We will always be cordial and modest, respecting the rights and needs of others in order to strengthen healthy social relationships and improve the quality of life in our communities.


We will continually adapt our thinking and behavior to meet the ever-changing conditions around us, taking care to act in harmony with nature to ensure progress and success in our endeavors.


We will act out of a sense of gratitude for all the benefits we have received, confident that this attitude will be a source of unbounded joy and vitality, enabling us to overcome any obstacles we encounter.

Company History

Over 35 years of innovation and a proud history of industry firsts


Konosuke Matsushita

Founded Matsushita Electric Industrial Corporation in 1918, in the city of Kadoma, in Osaka, Japan



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