Since joining Panasonic Avionics as VP of Global Operations in July of 2017, I’ve worked closely with our COO, Mark Jennings, to raise the bar for production and delivery across the organization. To that end, I’m responsible for manufacturing via our facilities in Japan, Dubai, and California; warehousing and distribution via our logistics team; delivery via our program management office; and procurement and supplier relations via supply chain management.

My greatest passion is delivering solutions that make a customer’s product unique and ultimately contribute to their success. I’ve been working on cabin interiors for aerospace customers for 30 years—from galleys, seating, crew rests, and lavatories in my early career, to Panasonic’s entertainment and connectivity solutions in my current role. While the projects have changed, the goals remain the same: sell a solution, be competitive, win business, and—most importantly—deliver on your commitments. I believe that the ability to create and deliver products that meet or exceed expectations is the key to lasting customer satisfaction, and maintaining Panasonic’s reputation as a top supplier.

Before coming to Panasonic Avionics, I held a variety of roles, including CEO of a company, as well as the head of sales, marketing, and engineering departments. It’s my operational background, however, that has shaped me into the leader I am today—one who builds partnerships internally and externally, and works with a team to create new, nimbler processes whenever possible.

In my first year as VP of Global Ops, I focused on building a coalition to reinvent the company’s culture, get better organized, and challenge the staff to do better. We will continue listening to feedback from our customers and employees, and find new ways to deliver all the right products at the right times.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering in the Netherlands, and came to the U.S. 30 years ago for my first job in the aircraft interior industry. But my success doesn’t stem solely from my education and business experience. I played soccer for 40 years, and that instilled in me the team mentality and competitive spirit that’s integral to what I do today.