In April of 2017, I joined Panasonic Avionics to serve in a dual role, driving alignment and synergies across two vital functions. In addition to leading engineering and customer support for the company’s global communications network as SVP of Network Operations, I also serve as CEO for Panasonic Avionics’ subsidiary ITC Global. There, I’m focused on bringing together the company’s various satellite communications segments into one unified organization that can leverage Panasonic’s network and technology innovations to make a bigger impact as it enters new markets.

I encourage close relationships between my team and those in engineering, finance, business intelligence, commerce, procurement, and many other global departments—but our primary partner is the customer. We interface with both the airlines and their passengers to understand their problems, provide efficient solutions, and help them meet their performance goals.

I’m excited by the opportunities ahead. The organization is evolving, and I’m helping to lay the infrastructure that will enable new innovations and more seamless operation. In everything we do, my team is driving toward making Panasonic the preferred connectivity provider in the industry—no matter the vertical, no matter what kind of craft.

To that end, I have been an outspoken advocate for business intelligence within Panasonic, which has led to an increased emphasis on data-based insights to drive decision-making. I have also led a continuing effort to improve our Customer Performance Center, reconfiguring it for proactive support. But since assuming my roles, I’m perhaps proudest of rebuilding our connectivity services and solutions from the ground up. More than any other accomplishment, I believe this will position the organization for success in this new era.

Prior to joining Panasonic Avionics, I spent 23 years at Airbus, where I gained a broad and detailed understanding of the aviation industry, learned how to develop technologies to support customer requirements, and received several awards for meeting targets and bringing innovations to market. I was also chosen for an intensive training program that sent me to work in multiple companies around the world. This incredible experience showed me how to manage and operate international businesses—skills that are essential to what I do now.

My academic accolades include an Honors degree in Design and Technology, and a Diploma in System Practices from The Open University. I’m a Cranfield University Fellow in Aerospace Manufacturing Management and I’ve delivered lectures on managing complex projects at Warwick and Bristol universities.