With 44 years at Panasonic, 20 years at Panasonic Avionics, and 16 years as Vice President of Quality, I am the longest-serving employee in the company. My extensive experience has helped me to establish Panasonic’s reputation for high-quality products and processes across the globe.

In order to succeed in my role, I must work closely with individuals at all levels of the business— from weekly visits with product inspectors and analysts on the factory floor, to meetings with our CEO, Hideo Nakano, and COO Mark Jennings. It’s all in service of my team’s goal: To maximize customer satisfaction by providing airlines with the most reliable inflight systems in the industry.

But Panasonic Avionics is no longer just an IFEC company; it’s now focused on providing world-class digital services that will create more convenient and personalized inflight experiences. That shift has created exciting new business opportunities, but also new challenges. The stakes are higher than ever, but we remain committed to providing the same quality and reliability that our customers have come to expect, no matter how our products evolve.

When I first began working in avionics, it was challenging to anticipate quality issues and make informed improvements because we didn’t fully understand the face of the consumer. But now, we have a wealth of flight experiences and data to learn from. If we are attentive and thorough, we can accomplish things I would have never thought possible back then. This organization’s talent for problem-solving and teamwork has carried it through tumultuous times in the past. I’m confident that those remarkable qualities will ensure its success in this new frontier.

I graduated from the electrical engineering program at Japan’s National Institute of Technology, but I received my most valuable education over the course of 44 years at Panasonic. Looking back, the opportunity to work alongside so many talented people from so many different cultures and backgrounds has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.