Global Communications Services

When it comes to inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC), today’s passengers expect to be constantly connected—whether by mobile phone, personal electronic device such as a laptop or tablet—to the people, places, digital entertainment and web content that keep them grounded in their daily lives. And they expect reliable, high bandwidth performance, even at 35,000 feet.

Panasonic’s Global Communications Services is designed to enhance an airline passenger’s inflight experience and extend, enhance and differentiate an airline’s brand.

Whether it’s used as a standalone system or easily integrated into a Panasonic world-class IFE system, the Global Communications Services enables airlines to provide personal connectivity in the skies.

In addition to providing the passenger with choices they can enjoy during their journey, the Global Communications Services gives an airline the flexibility to choose passenger portal services that best meets their unique branding and revenue generation goals. Whether it’s through passenger paid access to the internet or through advertising supported content, E-commerce opportunities and sponsored internet sessions, Panasonic’s Global Communications Services enables new, ancillary revenue opportunities.

Our Global Communications Services can help an airline’s operations become more efficient through fast and concise collection and communication of aircraft and crew data. What’s more, its scalable broadband capabilities allow customers to add more capacity as needed.

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