Global Inflight Broadband Connectivity

Panasonic Avionics’ eXConnect uses the company’s global Ku-band aeronautical network to deliver broadband connectivity to aircraft flying all over the world – even over oceans. This connectivity service enables passengers to access the Internet, compose and send email, log onto their favorite social media sites, or even watch Panasonic’s eXTV global television service on a connected seatback or their own personal electronic devices.

Airlines can generate additional revenue with eXConnect by delivering highly-targeted advertising, real-time customer management support, personalized cabin service, loyalty program status, destination information, connection updates, and more.

Crew and operations applications are also supported by eXConnect through the capture of real-time operational and maintenance data, as well as passenger usage statistics, to identify areas for improving efficiencies. eXConnect allows real-time fleet monitoring by our Mission Control Center, backed by 24/7 on-call support, ensuring maximum inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) solution performance and reliability. It also enables other operational benefits such as electronic flight bag and real-time weather monitoring, Built-in Test Equipment (BITE) data offloads and telemedicine.

eXConnect is backed by Panasonic’s Ku-band aeronautical satellite network, which is the only global, broadband inflight connectivity service available in the world today. Panasonic has the most aircraft types installed and the most aircraft flying international routes. It is the only inflight connectivity service provider with linefit offerability at both Boeing and Airbus. eXConnect also enables eXTV, which is the world’s only global, inflight television service.

Mobile Phone

Phone service, GPRS, and more with eXPhone


Global Television

Global inflight television featuring live sports and news with eXTV


Broadband Connectivity

Broadband internet access to the seatback or the passenger’s personal device, mobile phone service, and global television