Protecting Your IFEC Investment

At Panasonic Avionics, we are dedicated to long-term relationships with our customers and protecting their investment is vital. eXK offers our K Series customers substantial improvements to their passenger experience with only a minimal impact on their aircraft.

eXK is a cost effective upgrade that extends the life of your aircraft’s K Series IFE system. It requires a minimal investment because the in-seat and seat-to-seat harnesses are reused. As a result, existing seats are preserved, and a full seat recertification is not required. In addition, most of your existing seat peripherals, including handsets and jacks are also reused, and only two K Series seat and distribution LRUs are replaced.

Revolutionizing the Passenger Experience

eXK offers K Series customers improved passenger satisfaction with only a minimal impact on the aircraft. It upgrades S2Ke, S3k, S3ki systems to an entertainment experience similar to our latest X Series systems including a new Qt-based graphical user interface that features a modern look and feel with faster response times.

eXK also supports mixed-cabin configurations, and lets you upgrade your premium classes to full X Series IFE.

Increasing Value of IFE for Your Airline

eXK offers a substantial overall shipset weight reduction versus K Series because it significantly reduces the size of the head-end. It also offers the potential to remove the VCC cabinet and racks. The eXK headend also uses less power. Each of these significant improvements helps significantly reduce fuel burn of your aircraft.

eXK also reduces your IFE maintenance costs because it eliminates out-of-warranty LRUs such as Hi-8/VHS tape players, CD reproducers, etc. In addition, updated eXK LRUs are covered by a new warranty, and the system has similar performance guarantees as other X-Series systems.

It also offers increased reliability realized from a solid-state headend and lower power components to reduce repair costs and ensure a lower total cost of ownership.