Key Components

Panasonic Avionics offers uncompromising solutions that can deliver an amazing passenger experience and minimize total cost of ownership for the airline. We constantly push the envelope in industrial design to create inflight entertainment (IFE) systems that are unmatched in passenger comfort, usability, picture quality, weight, power, and size.



Powered by next-generation high performance processors, our smart monitors deliver brilliant high definition displays, incredible display angles, capacitive multi-touch screens with pinch and zoom, and feature app-centric entertainment and information, running on a familiar, open-source operating system. Built-in solid-state media storage for local content both reduces network traffic and provides redundant backup.

Eco Series V2

Our smallest, lightest weight, lowest power smart monitors, are available in 9-inch and 11.1-inch versions, and can be integrated directly into the seat, mounted on the seatback with a tilt mechanism, or arm-mounted. The sleek design is enhanced by the jet black color scheme, and the beveled edge contains the integrated audio, USB jacks, and credit card reader. The Eco V2 Series supports HD video and decoding at 720p.

Elite Series V2

Our more powerful series of smart monitors, offered in a range of sizes, including 11.1-, 12.1-, 16- and 18-inches, can be mounted on the seatback, console, or arm. Additional features include remote audio and USB jacks for greater passenger convenience, as well as more local media content capacity. Elite monitors decode 1080p HD video, and also support noise-cancelling and virtual surround sound audio.

Altus Series

Panasonic’s top-of-the-line series of smart monitors, are available in 18-, 24-, and 32-inch sizes that create a home theater entertainment environment for the passenger. Full 1080p HD video decoding is supported, with 1080p displays for the 24- and 32-inch monitors, and 720p display for the 18-inch. The 18- and 24-inch sizes have options for 3D capability.


Our innovative handset designs combine convenient form factors with a breadth of functionality.

Video Handset

Panasonic features a 4.2-inch LCD display that offers the passengers a “second screen” at the seat for not only navigating the graphical user interface (GUI), but also for viewing media, playing games, and watching the map, all without interrupting the entertainment on the smart monitor.

The handset’s LCD capacitive touchscreen offers scrolling text display, 2D graphics and animation, as well as an automatic orientation sensor to match the handset’s display to the installed or handheld position. Additional built-in features include an onscreen keyboard for texting and emails, a phone with onscreen dialing, and a built-in credit card reader.

Touchpad Handset

Sleek, small, and durable, Panasonic features a full keyboard for telephony, a credit card reader, and a capacitive T-pad for both navigation and gaming.



Our new-generation servers incorporate all solid-state drives (SSD), offering unmatched reliability, durability, and flexibility in a compact, lightweight form factor. The SSD configuration enables airlines to load content during flight for faster media loading and reduced downtime. Panasonic offers a scalable solution – one to four servers can be installed – tailored to meet the needs of any size aircraft. Enhanced by the local media content capacity of our monitors, Panasonic servers enable the airlines to enjoy a greater degree of redundancy, and passengers to always have access to entertainment options.


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