A groundbreaking collaboration between Panasonic Avionics and Collins Aerospace to revolutionize the premium travel experience for the next generation of tech-savvy travelers. MAYA combines cutting-edge technologies with unparalleled comfort, entertainment, and engagement, all within the confines of your premium cabin suite.

The Future of Premium Air Travel

MAYA combines the respective expertise of Panasonic Avionics and Collins Aerospace into an integrated solution that propels the premium passenger experience to new heights. MAYA fuses advanced physical and digital technologies to enable multi-dimensional comfort and engagement not experienced in commercial aviation – enhancing entertainment, personalization, rest, wellbeing, and ergonomics.

Elevate Passenger Experiences

With MAYA, we’re redefining what it means to travel in luxury. No need for extra floor space – our innovative concept maximizes every inch to deliver a premium experience like no other.

Next-Gen Technologies

From state of the art visual, audio, lighting, and control features to advanced connectivity, we’re seamlessly integrating the latest innovations into the cabin.

Modular and Upgradable

We believe in staying ahead of the curve. MAYA follows our modular, upgradable philosophy, ensuring access to the latest advancements.

Tailored Engagements

With MAYA’s unified, standardized software architecture, we provide a platform for personalized passenger engagements, delighting passengers whilst optimizing operational efficiency.

Premium Passenger Experience

Astrova Curve

MAYA features a premium 45″ Curved OLED display, encompassing the passenger for a truly immersive in-flight experience. The latest Hollywood blockbusters can be experienced as they were meant to, in Ultrawide, ultra-high-definition.

The screen is the centerpiece of the suite, providing users unprecedented immersion, customization, and feature rich personalized viewing experiences. When not utilizing the full width of the screen for ultra-widescreen viewing it becomes a multitaskers dream, keeping entertainment front and center while also monitoring aspects of the flight and controlling the seat.

Technology Highlights
  • Astrova Curve 45″ OLED display
  • Qi2 wireless charging
  • Auto PED pairing solution
  • Active surface technologies

Exceptional Amenities

MAYA isn’t just a curved screen. With wireless charging, active surfaces, headphone-free audio, audio haptics and more, MAYA is a truly immersive experience set to redefine luxury travel.

The suite is packed with technology, it seamlessly syncs to passenger electronic devices, providing familiar, curated control of the seating environment and supporting advanced mobility, sensory, cognitive, and language accommodations to passengers.

Technology Highlights
  • Multi USB-C
  • Headphone-free audio
  • Audio haptics
  • Way-finder ID

Learn More

To learn more about MAYA please contact your Panasonic Avionics account manager.