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Images available in the Media Library represent current Panasonic Avionics’ products and services as well as Panasonic’s participation in industry events.

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eX3 premium configuration with Altus monitors

Panasonic’s 9 and 11-inch

Panasonic’s 11 and 13.3-inch

Panasonic’s eXO showing HD overhead video

eXO showing the moving map

The X Series Video Handset


Inflight Wi-Fi, Mobile Phone Services and live television

Panasonic’s eXPhone Service

eXTV - Global live television including news and sports

Sport 24 offered in Conjunction with IMG

Single Panel Antena

Contracted Coverage


Mission Control Center

Mission Control Center Monitoring Aircraft in Real Time

Mission Control Center - Providing Global Support to Connected Aircraft

Global facilities of the PTS team

Airside support available from PTS

At London Heathrow supporting Qantas’ A380


Panasonic’s Companion App
In Flight

Second screen capabilities using
the Companion App In Flight

Post flight capabilities of the Companion App

Setting up a movie queue using Panasonic’s Companion App

Food service capabilities of X Series

Browsing the menu and ordering food using X Series

Shopping and payment available through Panasonic IFEC systems

Panasonic’s Voyager moving map

Panasonic’s eXCite 2 interactive

Example of an open platform interactive design

Second example of an open platform interactive

Voyager moving map


Premium cabin configuration

Integrated seat solution from Panasonic and Recaro

Panasonic and Recaro’s Hailstone integrated seat concept

Jazz seat concept from Panasonic, B/E Aerospace, Teague and Formation Design

Overhead view of Waterfront, designed by Panasonic, B/E Aerospace, Teague and Formation Design

Waterfront’s ultra HD display, passenger controlled LEDs and handset

Waterfront Mood Lighting

Waterfront reading light
and storage

Ultra HD display as part of Waterfront

The 4k display capabilities of Waterfront

HD Audio and passenger control unit available with Waterfront

Integrated storage capabilities
of Waterfront

24-in 4K display from Waterfront

Side view of the Waterfront project

Using Waterfront’s elegant IFEC

Improved privacy of the Waterfront project

Waterfront’s integrated computer management system

Waterfront's lie flat bed

Panasonic HQ

Testing an airline’s configuration

Engineering testing of X Series

Close up view of X Series testing

Panasonic Avionics Headquarters in Lake Forest, CA

Panasonic Avionics main building

Media and Creative Services

Quality control of an airline customers media build for X Series

Quality control process for files received from the CSP

Preparing media builds for over 175 customers per month

Airline System Test in Lake Forest

More X Series Testing

3rd view of testing in Lake Forest

Brand Assets

Panasonic Logo - Blue

Panasonic Logo - Black

Panasonic Logo - White