We pioneer solutions, systems, platforms, and services that make flying more valuable.

Our Solutions
Strategically packaged systems and services that deliver on your most valuable outcomes.
  • Theatre
    The most impressive and powerful Inflight Entertainment experience, comparable to high-end home theatre systems in video quality, audio fidelity and content choices.
  • Marketplace
    An adaptable storefront that provides an interactive shopping experience and utilizes data analytics to empower better business decisions.
  • Wellness
    A collection of emerging technologies to improve passenger health, comfort, and overall well-being.
Our Systems
Best-in-class capabilities for Inflight Entertainment.

NEXT Series

An industry leading entertainment system that offers a cinematic experience through superior audio and video quality, scalability, seat integration, and weight reduction.

X Series

An award-winning entertainment system best described by our continuous industry recognition and billions of passengers entertained while inflight.

Our Platforms
Industry-leading capabilities for connectivity and operational efficiencies.

NEXT Online

A complete connectivity offering that enables solutions and services, powered by the most comprehensive, worldwide integrated network.

NEXT Cloud

The industry-leading cloud platform, which can manage enterprise data, develop and deploy applications faster, and deliver actionable insights.

Our Services
How our world-class team helps maximize your investment.
  • Technical Services
    Customized maintenance solutions that guarantee performance, cost, and complete peace of mind.
  • Digital Services
    A portfolio of applications, services, and strategic partnerships that features cutting-edge technologies to deliver more intelligent and immersive experiences.