Marketplace is our ecommerce analytics platform for creating, launching, and managing dynamic storefronts and offers.

What We Do

With Marketplace, airlines can differentiate their brand and personalize passenger experiences throughout the travel thread.

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    Enhancing Passenger Experience

    Personalize offers to buying behaviors, destinations, and preferences.

  • Improving Operational Efficiencies

    Automate and adjust offers rapidly to save time and development costs.

  • Generating New Business Opportunities

    Drive ancillary revenue opportunities through retail and shopping offerings.

How We Do It

Marketplace allows airlines to design dynamic and flexible offers with support for analytics and automation—all of which is made possible via NEXT Cloud.

  • Omnichannel

    Revolutionizing the shopping experience.

    × Omnichannel

    Omnichannel storefronts provide a seamless shopping experience across fleets and devices.

  • Payment

    Shopping made easier than any sky mall.

    × Payment

    Integrated payment across all device types reduces friction in the shopping experience.

  • Configuration

    Create retail opportunities with ease.

    × Configuration

    Configurable storefronts allow for preferred vendor networks to be easily onboarded into retail offerings.

  • Personalization

    Nothing drives conversion like personalization.

    × Personalization

    Drive conversations with your passengers with offers tailored to their interests.

  • Self Service

    Put the power at your passenger’s fingertips.

    × Self Service

    A customer portal that contains automated configuration management for sales processes and storefronts.

  • Additional Capabilities

    Redefining revenue streams.

    × Additional Capabilities
    • Insights: Tracks and analyzes sales for the optimization of retail offerings
    • Theatre: Support media-driven revenue streams with a universal purchasing solution.
    • Map: Supports geo-triggered offers, reducing friction from partner offers in maps products.
    • Ad Services: Supports conversion on advertisements with a seamless purchase path.
Panasonic Avionics Advertising Platform
An online Italian fashion retailer ran on the Panasonic Avionics advertising platform to deliver an inflight shopping experience with a unique coupon code.
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