A more pleasant travel experience is now a reality — starting with overall well-being of passengers.

What We Do

Our mission is help make passengers feel more energized, refreshed, and rested when they leave the plane—promoting their overall well-being with a comfortable and healthy travel environment.

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    Enhancing Passenger Experience

    Promoting the overall well-being of passengers with a more comfortable and healthy travel environment.

How We Do It

Be it lighting, ambient aircraft noise, air quality, or any of the full range of conditions unique to air travel, we strive to transform the seating environment.

  • Nanoe Air Cleanser

    Improving air quality from the particle up.

    × Nanoe Air Cleanser

    The nanoe™ Air Cleanser reduces odors and improves air quality around passengers through ultra-fine, electrified water nanoparticles — 15,000 times finer than the width of a human hair.

    • Deodorizes while suppressing airborne and surface particles like:
      • Viruses
      • Bacteria
      • Molds
      • Pet-related allergens
    • Modules are small and easily embeddable in premium seating, lounge areas, galleys, and lavatories.
    • Electrostatic atomized water nanoparticles are beneficial to hair and skin and have a longer life than ionized air.
  • Active Noise Control

    Cancel the noise. Keep the comfort.

    × Active Noise Control

    Give your passengers a more comfortable and restful sleep by reducing background aircraft noise without uncomfortable headphones — available exclusively from Panasonic.

    • Encourages better quality sleep in flat or near-flat sleeping positions.
    • Designed to increase productivity and comfort for premium-class travelers.
    • Designed to automatically adapt to the unique noise characteristics of individual aircrafts.
    • Doesn’t distort human voices.
  • Premium Seat Lighting

    Atmosphere is everything.

    × Premium Seat Lighting

    Perfect for enhancing meal presentation and reducing eye strain, light therapy helps passengers adjust to time zone changes, rest better, and fall asleep faster.

    • Fully integrated into the entertainment, seat, and crew terminal systems.
    • Two types of LEDs provide configurable sleep and wake cycles.
    • Proprietary technology controls and filters light to improve legibility and comfortable reading.
  • Detalytics

    A personalized approach to jet lag.

    × Detalytics

    In order to reduce travel fatigue, Detalytics helps create passenger profiles for data driven solutions. By introducing analytics to assist in normalizing sleep patterns, it helps reduce the stress and toll of travel on passengers.

  • Mimi Defined

    Deliver a personalized audio experience.

    × Mimi Defined

    Mimi Defined™ offers a personalized audio solution to provide passengers with the best possible hearing experience. By replicating the function of an ear, Mimi Defined™ is designed to enhance the brain’s ability to extract all the details, richness, and contrast in sound.

"Developed to improve passenger health, comfort, and overall well-being inflight, Wellness is the latest solution category launched on Panasonic's NEXT platform."

Gaston Sandoval
VP of Product Line Management and Head of Marketing

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