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Kristi Williamson

Vice President, Global Human Resources

I oversee our global human resources team, but first and foremost, I’m a business leader who specializes in human resources and people leadership. While much of my job involves working with the executive team, I make it a point to engage with employees at all levels of the organization. I want to learn from them, hear their ideas, know their perspectives, and understand how they solve problems. This is crucial to me because I believe it’s not what we do that defines our career success—it’s how we do it.

Our customers trust Panasonic Avionics because we care about solving their problems and providing them with valuable solutions. I hold to these same principles for our Global HR team, to make sure we contribute to that mission by asking three questions. First, does what we’re doing makes sense for the business? Second, if we’re offering training, or changing our processes, how do we have real conversations within the business to find out what’s working or not working, from both a management and employee perspective? And third, if we’re making things better, how do we make sure it’s what people are looking for? We can’t make everyone happy all the time, but we can—and have to—come up with solutions that make sense for our business globally.

What brought me to Panasonic, and what keeps me here, is the people. They are down-to-earth, proud, and open. I have great respect for the work everyone has done to grow our business into such a strong market leader and the excitement about where to take the business next, and that excitement is infectious. We’re taking our business through a transformation—not just regarding our product solutions but also in how we want to shape our company culture. I feel fortunate to be a part of the culture shift.

Before arriving here, I worked in the automotive industry for 20 years. Beginning in entry level positions, I gradually learned the ropes of HR via a series of administrative, technical, and managerial roles. While balancing business responsibilities and global needs can be challenging, I’ve found that my ability to remain relatable and authentic has been a great help along the way.

I have a track record of working with organizations to prepare our talent to fill key roles through succession planning, creating mentoring partnerships for women in business, and developing leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences. I expect to continue with those important initiatives—and a whole lot more—here at Panasonic Avionics.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cleary University, and I’ve completed Executive Education courses at the University of Michigan’s School of Business. I hold various training and leadership certifications, including Hogan assessments and Lominger competencies. I’m also a certified Facilitator and Master Trainer in Frontline Supervisory Leadership Skills and an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management.

Outside of work, my husband Mark and I are parents to our furry baby Sasha Rose, our Chinese Shar-Pei and we enjoy travel, especially in Kauai, Hawaii, our favorite vacation spot.