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Seigo Tada

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer at Panasonic Avionics, I oversee a team of 70 people to ensure accurate reporting, provide informed forecasting, and establish sound accounting policies for the organization. Most importantly, I discover new ways for the finance department to contribute to the success and growth of each Panasonic vertical, helping the company maintain its position as the top Inflight Entertainment and Communications, Digital Services and Solutions, and Technical Services provider in the industry.

Since joining Panasonic in 1985, I’ve watched the organization grow from a niche electronics manufacturer into a multinational corporation in a short time. I believe Panasonic Avionics will continue that tradition of rapid growth as it embraces new technological innovations—expanding our main business to add network communications and business service solutions to our robust offering.

Throughout my career, I’ve never been satisfied with the status quo. I’ve always aimed for evolution and improvement. I’ve looked for ways to meet new challenges and spark new growth. My time at Panasonic Avionics has been no exception. I arrived here at a turning point for the company, and my first year was devoted to rebuilding accounting policies and internal controls from scratch. It was a very tough, time-consuming assignment, but I believe the results—a solid set of financial fundamentals—will guide the growth strategy for future generations of this business. It’s one of my proudest achievements since assuming my role.

I earned my master’s degree from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. This experience was pivotal for me as a professional, and it also introduced me to life in the United States, where I would ultimately live and work for many of the years to come.