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Toshiro Tsuchiya

Vice President, Japan Region

As Vice President for the Japan Region at Panasonic Avionics Corporation, my primary focus is to deliver the highest level of customer success to our global premium Japanese Airlines.

The level of personal “customer touch” that my team provides has contributed to the long-term success for our Japanese airline partners. Airlines always look to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering cutting-edge technology and sophisticated service quality to their customer—which perfectly aligns to the strategy of our Company.

Day to day, I remain focused on account management and field engineering in order to best support our customers. Our teams are proud to bring an unprecedented level of service and innovation beyond the walls of our offices in Japan by working closely with other Panasonic Avionics teams around the world. Most importantly, we hold close the shared vision to make flying an experience everyone looks forward to.

As a leader, I emphasize these core values to my own team: be proactive and professional through communication and speed. There’s no doubt that we work in an ever-changing, rapid-fire industry, and I believe our work requires high levels of teamwork and collaboration to achieve our goals. I have seen the positive results of teamwork in many challenging projects. One of my proudest moments at Panasonic Avionics is being part of the team that won back a former IFEC customer. Even after the customer had not been on our customer roster for a decade, they recognized the value we bring to the table.

It is this type of “never give up” mentality that illustrates how we can best serve our airline partners. Of course, it is that same type of perseverance which is a critical element in our push towards digital transformation. I am excited for the future as we become more digitally service oriented. I joined Panasonic Corporation in 1983 as a new university graduate from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan with a bachelor’s degree in law. Now, as a Panasonic veteran, I have worked in a variety of consumer marketing areas especially in Europe. Over my three decades of experience at Panasonic, I also have held various management roles in key areas of the Company. I believe that all of my roles across several key divisions have prepared me for leading our teams and serving our valuable airline partners today.

In addition to my bachelor’s degree, Panasonic gave me the special opportunity to receive extensive education and trainings, including a two-year oversees training in Germany. I was also a student of Bonn University, Faculty of Law: European Anti-Monopoly Law. In 2000, I was honored to receive the Panasonic European Award, which was a personal nomination from the Panasonic European CEO.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling. I have visited nearly every country in Europe during my 19 years’ stay (16 years in Germany, three years in Belgium).