IFEC Management Services

Panasonic Avionics’ portfolio of media, advertising tools, interactive, portal, passenger usage, and services is designed to help airlines constantly fine tune and always realize the full potential of their inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) solution. Our industry-leading management tools and services make it possible for Panasonic’s IFEC solutions to deliver an amazing entertainment experience to passengers, and a robust business platform for the airlines.


Our media tools are industry leading and designed to optimize operational costs and shorten deployment time.

Content is the largest component of the airline’s IFEC solution’s total cost of ownership, and Panasonic offers the most comprehensive, cost-effective, streamlined services in the industry, including media integration, supply chain management, and content distribution. With locations in: Lake Forest, California; London, United Kingdom; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Singapore, Singapore;  Hong Kong; Xiamen, China; and Seoul, South Korea, we process more than 100,000 files, containing at least 50TB of data, per month, for 110 airlines- delivering the highest quality content. We also provide additional technical services for global electronic file distribution, advertising insertion, as well as business support services that help airlines enhance revenue generation opportunities.


Our Interactive Configuration Tool provide instant visual validation for changes to help reduce interactive update time and costs. It offers airlines unmatched flexibility, simplicity, and cost-savings compared to solutions for older interactives that required a change request or ATP.

Panasonic’s Interactive Configuration Tool lets airlines update the look and feel of their interactive, as often as they like, post entry into service. The user experience can be managed by a multitude of categories such as cabin class, flight route or destination city. It provides an intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface, as well as instant visual validation that enable the fastest possible updates to an interactive. It also ensures the highest levels of performance and reliability with automatic validation within an IFE system’s graphical user interface (GUI) parameters.


Today’s airlines are increasingly looking for simple, elegant solutions that allow them to deploy their brand on passenger devices during the flight. Panasonic’s SiteBuilder is a fast and easy-to-use solution that lets airlines create and manage portals for both seatbacks and passenger devices.

With SiteBuilder, an airline user on the ground can quickly and efficiently design a portal. Airlines can manage the portal without an ATP and make quick updates such as headlines, monthly campaigns, and more. The interface is extremely user-friendly and requires no additional technical expertise or training to operate. SiteBuilder portals are designed to be run on web browsers and are compatible with the widest range of operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows OS, Panasonic’s own X Series IFE systems, and more.

Usage Settings

Panasonic’s usage reporting and analysis tool helps airlines transform data to knowledge for informed decisions on applications and content. Not only does it provide reports based on passengers starting and stopping an application, it also provides key metrics such as application usage duration that help airlines optimize their spend on content for their IFEC solution.

A key feature of Panasonic’s usage reporting and analysis service is the deep analysis duration tool that helps determine the appeal of served content. It is also able to determine how quickly applications are used by passengers once a flight starts, convert flat rate fees to per usage costs, and provide content cost per flight information. In addition, a customizable dashboard lets airlines view key metrics quickly and easily. With this service, airlines will have a virtually unlimited access to passenger statistics and data that can help them minimize operational costs and optimize their onboard content.


The OneMedia turnkey solution provides recurring revenue to airlines, and OneMedia tools provide end-to-end support, from creation, deployment, and review of advertising campaigns. With OneMedia, airlines can target their onboard advertising campaigns by seat class, flight destination or origin city, content categories, and languages. It also offers the ability to easily specify the start and end dates of an advertising campaign. This customization lets airlines deliver intelligent, targeted advertisements that are exponentially more valuable than traditional Internet banner placements.

With OneMedia, airlines benefit from a recurring revenue stream, flexible advertising options, and automated revenue tracking with no additional costs for advertising serving software. Airline partners have access to a captive audience and can deliver targeted, measurable campaigns, and passengers can stay informed of new products and services that are relevant to their lifestyle, hobbies and more.

Onboard Maintenance

Our full suite of onboard maintenance support, service, and repairs, provides rapid problem identification and resolution


Mission Control Center

Delivering real-time fleet monitoring, 24/7 on-call support and rapid coordination of support activities


Global Repair

Strategically located global repair stations provide unparalleled expertise and customer service