Technical Training

Panasonic Avionics designs and develops airline-specific line maintenance and cabin crew training curriculum for each airline customer. Our training programs empower airlines with the knowledge and skills to operate and maintain their inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) solutions with confidence and operational effectiveness. Our team of training professionals pursues constant innovation and explores new training technologies to provide our customers with the latest offerings in high performance training solutions.

Range of Learning Solutions

Our training experts develop and deliver detailed programs incorporating a variety of platforms. We offer the following technical training courses and solutions:

  • Instructor-led classroom training and virtual training
  • eLearning courses for PC platforms that integrate with airline Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Mobile learning solutions to allow students the option of portability and on-the-go training
  • PC interactive software simulators for cabin crew operations
  • Online help content containing tutorials and demonstrations for web-based configuration and reporting tools
  • Printed manuals and quick guides for students to utilize during and after class

Customers may select a combination of learning solutions that best meet their training requirements and support their business needs.

Customized IFEC Training Program

Our customized training programs for cabin crew and maintenance technicians are designed and developed according to the airline’s particular system hardware and software configuration, IFEC solution features and training needs. We partner with our airline customers on training programs to ensure that the cabin crew is confident in its ability to operate the IFEC solution and assist passengers, and that the maintenance technicians are trained to keep the systems fully operational.

Expert Training Professionals

Panasonic’s Technical Training professionals have years of experience in curriculum development, instructional systems design, technical training, industry experience, avionics, maintenance practices, and with Panasonic’s IFEC solution and products. We are constantly exploring training technologies and solutions for learning to be efficient and to reduce down time for our airlines.

Training to Reach Airlines

Panasonic’s Technical Training professionals design and deliver line maintenance and cabin crew training to airlines around the world. Over 700 maintenance technicians are trained per year to monitor and maintain the IFEC solution for optimal fleet performance.

Approximately 800 crew instructors and flight attendants are trained per year, which in turn, cross train hundreds of flight attendants at airlines around the world to operate the IFEC solution during the flight. It is the crew and flight attendants at our airline customers worldwide who are the front lines to ensuring that passengers have a superior travel and entertainment experience on every flight.