IFEC Solutions

Panasonic Avionics is a world leader in inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) solutions for commercial aircraft. Our mission is to engage passengers in an amazing IFEC experience while enhancing airline value. We combine InFlight Systems, our Global Communications Services, and Panasonic Technical Services into IFEC solutions that enable our customers to amplify and differentiate their brand, foster passenger loyalty, generate ancillary revenue, and reduce operating costs.

By immersing passengers in an amazing inflight experience, by helping advertisers and merchants with new business opportunities, and by connecting passengers to the airline and the inflight entertainment (IFE) systems to the airline’s maintenance organization, Panasonic helps airlines leverage their IFEC solution to generate more value for their business.

Inflight Systems

Panasonic Avionics offers a comprehensive solution to meet every airline’s needs for seatback, wireless, linefit and retrofit systems. For passengers, Panasonic solutions deliver an amazing home theater entertainment experience that includes HD content, games, applications, communications, and much more. For airlines, the inflight system is the foundation of a business platform that amplifies their brand. X Series is purposely designed to be extensible, configurable and tailored to an airline’s specific needs both for today and in the future. When combined with connectivity and backed by Panasonic Technical Services, these solutions help airlines drive new levels of personalization, revenue generation and more.


Global Communications Services

Panasonic connects passengers with the world’s only global broadband inflight Internet connection (eXConnect), our exclusive inflight television network (eXTV) with live news and sports, and global GSM mobile phone service (eXPhone). With connectivity, Panasonic turns the in-seat display into an engaging experience for passengers and a revenue-generating platform for the airline with high value targeted advertising, CRM, real-time shopping, and more. It also enables key operational benefits such as electronic flight bag and real-time weather monitoring, Built-in Test Equipment (BITE) data offloads and telemedicine. We continually invest in infrastructure that provides the highest possible bandwidth, for the lowest price per bit.



Panasonic Technical Services

As the largest IFEC MRO organization, our global technical services team helps airlines manage the total cost of ownership of their IFEC investment and ensures the highest levels of system performance. With unique OEM experience and its Mission Control Center, Panasonic Technical Services offers a cost-effective total care solution- including spares and repairs, logistics, media loading, and proactive maintenance- that guarantees system availability and ensures that passengers are having an amazing inflight experience.


Panasonic Weather Solutions

Panasonic Weather Solutions is a leading provider of accurate, real-time weather forecasts. Since 2003, our advanced forecasting technology, which includes our patented Tropospheric Airborne Meteorological Data Reporting (TAMDAR) sensor, has helped changed the way Fortune 500 companies, governments, insurers, energy providers, investors,and commercial airlines use weather forecast information to make intelligent business decisions.

Through customizable solutions that maximize the benefit and usability of the proprietary TAMDAR data set, Panasonic Weather Solutions lets customers make better operational decisions and minimize weather-related risks to their businesses.

Panasonic’s FlightLink system leverages Iridium’s global satellite solution to support cockpit voice, data, independent GPS, and weather data communications everywhere commercial airplanes fly. Aircraft that are equipped with either FlightLink or our Global Communication Services Ku-band satellite system are perpetually connected to an airline’s ground operations 24-hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.


IFEC and Cabin Management Systems for VIP Aircraft


This joint venture between Panasonic and Lufthansa Technik AG develops, manufactures and supplies IFEC and cabin management systems (CMS) for VIP aircraft, as well as custom products for commercial airlines. By merging the unique knowledge and expertise of two industry leaders, IDAIR provides the smartest, most advanced and best designed entertainment and communication solutions for VIP customers.


Panasonic Avionics Corporation Singapore Services

Panasonic Avionics Services Singapore (PACSS) is a joint venture between Panasonic Avionics and SIA Engineering Company Limited (SIAEC). As an IFEC center of excellence in the Asia Pacific region, its mission is to provide airlines with maintenance, repair and overhaul of inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) solutions. Strategically located in Singapore, this state-of-the art facility supports a complete portfolio of IFEC solutions, including the cutting edge systems from Panasonic Avionics that will be installed on the next generation of aircraft.