Field Engineering

Panasonic Avionics is committed to delivering superior service, ensuring peak performance and maintaining the lowest cost of ownership for an airline’s inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) solutions. Our worldwide field engineering team assists in resolving technical and non-technical issues, quickly and completely, to keep schedules on track.

Our network of trained professionals take great pride in maintaining the highest levels of technical ability and skill, backed by a constant training regimen that ensures the most efficient and effective service.

Partnership Well Beyond Acquisition

We protect our customer’s investment long after the initial acquisition, ensuring optimum IFEC solution reliability and maximum performance, while delivering to passenger expectations. Our on-site support services include:

  • Delivering additional information regarding training, repairs, spares, technical publications, and other Panasonic resources for further insight into resolving IFEC solution issues
  • Handling in-service IFEC issues quickly and professionally, enabling airline maintenance and engineering personnel to focus on other duties
  • Updating the status of IFEC issues as often as the airline requests
  • Providing technical consultation for Panasonic equipment to airline-operated IFEC repair facilities
  • Assisting airline maintenance and engineering crews to ensure correct IFEC solution installation, providing technical advice, and supervising power-up testing and operational checkouts
  • Investigating IFEC solution issues and working with the airline’s maintenance organization and engineering to share information and data with other Panasonic engineering teams
  • Striving for continuous system performance improvement through constant monitoring and analysis
  • Being the voice of the customer within Panasonic, through close working relationships and vast corporate internal reach


For over 35 years, our passion for IFEC has fueled a spirit of perpetual innovation that has led to a broad portfolio of industry firsts


Test & Integration

Our total reliability-driven process identifies, corrects, and eliminates problems at the root cause


Program Management

Our experienced program managers keep the project on schedule and on budget, from manufacturing, shipment, and delivery, to installation and testing



Our world-class facilities in Osaka, Japan, Lake Forest, USA, London, UK, and Dubai, UAE have manufactured more top-quality IFEC parts than any other supplier


Lifecycle Management

We deliver comprehensive product support across the entire IFEC solution lifecycle


Research & Development

Panasonic pushes the envelope in research and development, and continues to be the first to market with the latest IFEC innovations