Panasonic Avionics’ philosophy is to innovate everywhere and all of the time. Not just the passenger environment and experience, but in ways that positively impact the airline’s key metrics, based on their particular fleet, brand operations, and business requirements.


Panasonic takes pride in its ability to anticipate the future and stay ahead of the curve, driven by our “first to market” approach to inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) product development that pushes the envelope in cabin innovation, integration, and communications solutions.

System Innovations

  • Integrated VoIP Phone (S2KE)
  • Downloadable IFE Software (S2KE)
  • Integrated Credit Card Reader (S2KE)
  • Seat Control (PSS/Resets/IFE) (S2KE)
  • Integrated Nintendo (S32KE)
  • Integrated Smart Card Reader (S2KE)
  • Embedded NC RJU
  • Integrated PFIS + IFE (iXplor on S2KE/S3K)
  • Media Smart Load (S3K)
  • MPEG2 (S3K)
  • Full-Cabin AVOD IFE System (S3000 – 2000)
  • Integrated IFE Broadband (S3Ki with CbB)
  • 16:9 Displays and Content (eFX)
  • USB for Passenger (eFX)
  • Digital Satellite TV (eFX)
  • Full-Cabin AVOD Narrow-Body (eFX)
  • Seat-Level 3D Graphics (eX2)
  • RoHS Compliant System (eX2)
  • HD-Capable IFE System (eX2)
  • Full-Redundancy Layering (eX2)
  • Integrated Laptop and IFE Power (eX2)
  • MPEG4 (eX2)
  • Dynamic Closed-Captions (eX2)
  • Cabin Services System (CSS) on B787
  • Cabin Services System (CSS) on B747-8
  • Cabin Services System (CSS) on C Series
  • 1TB HDD Media Loader (HDD-OML)
  • Integrated Seat Smart Monitor (eX2)
  • IFE-Integrated Mobile Phone (eXPhone)
  • Global Ku-Band Solution (eXConnect)
  • First on Airbus A350 (eX3)

Software/Services Innovations

  • PDI: Personalized Passenger Data Integration
  • eLOG: Automated crew log
  • DART: Online tool to manage maintenance of IFE
  • OMT: Online tool to analyze Built-in Test Equipment (BITE) data of IFE
  • SkyOffice: Onboard passenger productivity application
  • OneMedia: Onboard targeted advertising and revenue generation application
  • USB Media Player
  • iPod® Connect and iPod® Merge
  • Onboard Hospitality services
  • Inflight Communicator – SMS and Email service
  • On-Screen Messaging to Passengers from Cabin Crew
  • Pay Per View
  • Integrated Shopping
  • Live Text News Service
  • (PAXUS) Passenger Usage and Statistics
  • SeatCHAT – Seat-to-Seat Instant Messaging
  • Digital Crew Forms for Paperless Cabin
  • Software-Based Moving Map

Hardware Innovations

  • Solid-State Storage Servers
  • Next Generation Touchscreen and Video Handset
  • Global Communications Services: Ku-Band Internet, Mobile Phone, and Television
  • Digital Overhead Monitors
  • Hard-Disk Drive On-Board Media Loader
  • Cell Modem Global Data Connectivity Solution
  • Panasonic eXPhone Mobile Phone Service
  • Embedded Noise – Cancelling RJU

What’s Next

At Panasonic, 3D is already here. In the near future, we expect to see Ultra HD, OLED, flexible displays that wrap the interior, gesture-controlled graphical user interfaces (GUIs), eye–tracking technology, and touch surfaces in IFE systems. Ultimately, our vision is to offer ubiquitous connectivity so that IFE systems and passenger devices can exchange data and be on the edge of the cloud, while in the clouds.

Research & Development

Panasonic pushes the envelope in research and development, and continues to be the first to market with the latest IFEC innovations


Test & Integration

Our total reliability-driven process identifies, corrects, and eliminates problems at the root cause



Our world-class facilities in Osaka, Japan, Lake Forest, USA, London, UK, and Dubai, UAE have manufactured more top-quality IFEC parts than any other supplier


Program Management

Our experienced program managers keep the project on schedule and on budget, from manufacturing, shipment, and delivery, to installation and testing


Lifecycle Management

We deliver comprehensive product support across the entire IFEC solution lifecycle


Field Engineering

Our Field Engineering team delivers onsite expert technical support, ensuring peak IFEC solution performance.