Lifecycle Management

At Panasonic Avionics, we have a vested interest in our customers’ success, and are committed to ensuring the airline receives maximum value from their inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) solutions. We strive to provide comprehensive lifetime support for systems, line replaceable units (LRUs), and applications across the entire IFEC solution lifecycle.

All major Panasonic systems are still being supported today, even after 20-25 years. From design, through manufacturing, installation, maintenance, repairs, and system upgrades, our customers have continued peace of mind knowing that we are always here to support them, providing consistent, reliable, and quality IFEC solutions.

During system and LRU design and development, the Panasonic philosophy is to select and negotiate long-term component availability with our suppliers. In today’s rapidly changing environment, a component can become obsolete, or, as technology progresses, a change to an LRU may be required to improve reliability or performance. As a result, the LRU can no longer be produced in its current configuration. This means that while an IFEC solution might be supported for many years, the parts or LRUs within the initial system configuration might change throughout time as component obsolescence issues arise.

Panasonic addresses such obsolescence issues in many ways, including making lifetime component buys, modifying LRU designs to provide the equivalent functionality, or if necessary, conducting a major hardware and software redesign of the LRU. Panasonic continues to make every effort to keep the redesigned LRU compatible to the specific part that is being discontinued.


For over 35 years, our passion for IFEC has fueled a spirit of perpetual innovation that has led to a broad portfolio of industry firsts


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Panasonic pushes the envelope in research and development, and continues to be the first to market with the latest IFEC innovations


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Program Management

Our experienced program managers keep the project on schedule and on budget, from manufacturing, shipment, and delivery, to installation and testing



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We deliver comprehensive product support across the entire IFEC solution lifecycle