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07/11/23 2 MIN READ

Recaro’s new PL3810 seats are roomy enough that you can record an entire podcast while sitting in them. If you don’t believe us, you should catch this week’s episode of Beyond Entertainment, where Andy Masson and Markus Hollerer, Head of Strategy and Products, Recaro Aircraft Seating, take a seat at June’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany.

In addition to running through the list of new innovations from the seat manufacturer, Andy and Markus talk through trends in classes of service, what passengers really want out of a seat when they fly, and how suppliers like Recaro and Panasonic Avionics can address sustainability in the industry.

Aircraft seating trends

Premium Economy is surging, even among airlines that initially pushed back against the idea. But why? Are widebodies back? Are passengers willing to spend? Are the revenues generated too good to pass up? You’ll have to listen to find out.

What do passengers want out of a seat?

Recaro has found that passengers are really interested in having personal space on an aircraft. What does letting passengers “own their space” mean to airlines?

But beyond that, Recaro wants to help people feel comfortable in their seat when they fly. Improved privacy wings, places to store your stuff, a bring-your-own-device holder—all are things that help passengers feel more at home. At Panasonic Avionics, we think a great in-flight engagement system also helps deliver a more comfortable experience.

Building sustainability into the seat

As an industry, we’re all working to improve the sustainability of air travel. At AIX Recaro showed off its progress—both on the show floor, and on the podcast.

Starting with Recaro’s “R Sphere” concept, which tracks and collects feedback around sustainable, lightweight materials like cork, wood, fishing nets, and cactus. In addition, Recaro’s new premium seat, the PL3810, is 10% lighter than the seat it replaces. We all know saving weight means saving fuel, an important goal for suppliers and airlines alike.

Recaro is also working to build its existing products more sustainably by using some of the new materials with which the team is working. The company shows how it’s making an impact now, and not just in the future.

If you want to hear what’s next for Recaro, make sure to stay through the end of the episode!

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