Digital Services

A portfolio of digital applications, services, and strategic partnerships that elevate solutions.

What We Do

Our digital solutions and services leverage evolving technologies, creating market-ready ways to drive your business outcomes. As digital technology transforms passenger expectations, our approach prioritizes the end user experience, generating maximum value.


The most powerful ad platform in the sky

The in-flight travel experience provides a unique environment where compelling, targeted and personalized ads enable valuable interactions with a uniquely receptive audience.

Our advertising services offer a comprehensive portfolio, to power the largest in-flight marketing and advertising platform in the world. Offered services include full-service agency for both airline and advertisers, and includes the OneMedia platform which is uniquely designed with the functionality to implement, analyze and manage each specific campaign.

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Innovate with us

The developer program allows us to collaborate with airlines and developers to innovate, co-create, and deploy custom iOS and Android applications on Panasonic’s in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) platform. This includes application programming interface (API) development, software development kits (SDKs), online resources, contract management, and customer support.

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Bespoke interfaces

Panasonic’s Interactive Services enable airlines to tailor rich, dynamic graphical interfaces to their brand, with a common look and feel across in-seat monitors and passenger electronic devices.


Connect every step of the journey

Broaden your connection with your passengers throughout the travel thread, by enhancing touchpoints within your in-flight entertainment systems and on personal electronic devices.

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