A more pleasant travel experience is now a reality — starting with overall well-being of passengers.

What We Do

Our solution helps passengers feel more energized, refreshed, and rested when they leave the plane—promoting their overall well-being with a comfortable and healthy travel environment.

Enhancing Passenger Experience

Promoting the overall well-being of passengers with a more comfortable and healthy travel environment.

How We Do It

We provide a more pleasant travel experience with a collection of technology and software offerings that promote passenger well-being.


Improving air quality from the particle up.


The nanoe™ Air Cleanser inhibits odors and suppresses germs and bacteria around passengers through ultra-fine, electrified water nanoparticles — 15,000 times finer than the width of a human hair.

  • Leverages existing Panasonic air filtration technology

  • Uses cabin humidity and is already proven in luxury automotive environments.

  • Modules are small and easily embeddable in premium seating, lounge areas, galleys, and lavatories.


Reduce the noise. Keep the comfort.


Provide your passengers with more comfortable rest, relaxation, and sleep aboard long-haul flights by reducing fatigue-causing low frequency aircraft noise without wearing headphones.

  • A headset-free integration into first class or business class seats for more natural comfort.

  • No impact on human voices

  • Can be used with or without Serenity active noise cancelling headphones for maximum flexibility.

The Serenity In-Seat system is comprised of a controller, speakers, and microphones that interface with the Panasonic Avionics IFE integrated into each premium seat. Serenity In-Seat leverages existing Panasonic technology previously deployed on trains and in automobiles, and is effective for sustained and intermittent noise, such as engine and wind noise.


Atmosphere is everything.


Perfect for enhancing meal presentation and reducing eye strain, light therapy helps passengers adjust to time zone changes, rest better, and fall asleep faster.

  • Personalize the in-seat lighting environment with customized color and brightness.

  • Two types of LEDs provide configurable sleep and wake cycles suited to the duration of flight and time zone of the destination city.

  • Fully integrated into the entertainment, seat, and crew terminal systems, providing both automatic and passenger control

  • Proprietary technology controls and filters light to improve legibility and reading comfort.


Add design, control, and ease in cleaning.


Increase ease and effectiveness of surface cleaning by embedding design, information, or controls right into your seat or galley surfaces.

With increased scrutiny over cleaning methods and efficiency, any smudge or speck left for a customer to see can compromise your cleaning efforts. Active Surfaces provides the ability to create areas of design, information, or button-like touch controls embedded smoothly into seat and wall surfaces. Various uses for Active Surfaces include:

  • Design: Illuminate ornate patterns or logos with aesthetic visual anchors.

  • Information: Display dynamic data or cabin and flight information.

  • Controls: Embed “buttons” into a flat or curved surface with no gaps or crevices that could collect dirt and debris.

Incorporate brand embellishments and encourage passenger discovery of new technological features. Active Surfaces can be used on walls, seat surfaces, galley/entry areas, or even embedded into mirrors. It works with a broad range of non-porous synthetic or natural surface materials.

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Developed to improve passenger health, comfort, and overall well-being inflight, Wellness is the latest solution category launched on Panasonic’s NEXT platform.

Andrew Mohr
Head of Innovation at Panasonic Avionics