A more pleasant travel experience is now a reality — starting with overall well-being of passengers.

What We Do

Our solution helps passengers feel more energized, refreshed, and rested when they leave the plane—promoting their overall well-being with a comfortable and healthy travel environment.

Enhancing Passenger Experience

Promoting the overall well-being of passengers with a more comfortable and healthy travel environment.

How We Do It

We provide a more pleasant travel experience with technology that promotes passenger well-being.


Atmosphere is everything.


Perfect for enhancing meal presentation and reducing eye strain, light therapy helps passengers adjust to time zone changes, rest better, and fall asleep faster.

  • Personalize the in-seat lighting environment with customized color and brightness.

  • Two types of LEDs provide configurable sleep and wake cycles suited to the duration of flight and time zone of the destination city.

  • Fully integrated into the entertainment, seat, and crew terminal systems, providing both automatic and passenger control

  • Proprietary technology controls and filters light to improve legibility and reading comfort.

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Developed to improve passenger health, comfort, and overall well-being inflight, Wellness is the latest solution category launched on Panasonic’s NEXT platform.

Andrew Mohr
Head of Innovation at Panasonic Avionics