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NEXT Insights

A comprehensive data analytics platform that provides an in-depth view of onboard user experiences, industry and social trends, and operational performance to empower smarter business decisions.

What We Do

Let NEXT Insights take the guess work out of analytics and deliver actionable information strategically tailored to your needs.

Enhancing Passenger Experience

Understand your passengers’ usage patterns and provide the most relevant, desired content and onboard offerings.

Improving Operational Efficiencies

Minimize system failures and optimize retail inventory through forecasting and trend analysis.

Increasing Ancillary Revenue

Improve the ROI on your IFEC investment with relevant onboard offerings and optimized Wi-Fi packages.

How We Do It

Our advancements in how we ingest and process data supports the provision of seamless analytical comprehension, all via our NEXT Cloud.


Uncover true strategy with one platform


Easily access all Panasonic IFEC data in one analytics platform. Review the performance of your IFEC system and solutions, and use the combined data to make strategic decisions from any device, anywhere in the world.


Always act with confidence


IFEC usage and performance analytics have previously only included a summary of what happened during the flight. We exceed this standard by leveraging advanced analytics capabilities to provide trends and recommendations, allowing you to maximize your use of data and make decisions with confidence.


Forever safe and sound


Gain peace of mind with a highly available, secure, and scalable advanced analytics application powered by NEXT Cloud. Data ingestion and processing has also been expedited so reports and analytics can be accessed within minutes, instead of days.

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“Airlines today have access to more data points than ever before, and Panasonic’s NEXT Insights solution takes all the leg-work out of analyzing and leveraging that data.”

Samir Lad
Head of Digital Architecture and Cloud at Panasonic Avionics