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06/24/21 3 MIN READ

Airline travel is showing encouraging signs of life over the past few months, and the all-important summer travel season is starting to pick back up. But as Expedia’s 2021 Travel Trends Report notes, certain groups are more ready to travel than others.

Families who isolated at home together will be first to travel, particularly family units that include Millennials and Gen Zers. That means focusing on engagement with families moving forward will be a key recovery opportunity for the travel and hospitality industries. It is this opportunity that makes the debut of Arc™ for Young Explorers, a new feature set within our new 3D interactive moving map solution, Arc™, particularly timely.

Arc for Young Explorers is dedicated to explorers of all ages and features an educational, dinosaur-focused map application that levels up Arc’s existing moving map platform with fun facts, animations, and even the sounds of prehistoric creatures from long ago.

The Evolution of Arc

Coinciding with the two-year anniversary of our 3D moving map platform, Arc—which has one of the highest adoption rates of any Panasonic Avionics digital service to date— the new Arc for Young Explorers feature brings exciting new interactions and appeal to the moving map mix.

Foremost is the addition of an array of vividly realized digital dinosaurs that are not only very fun to interact with, but also represent a huge leap forward in 3D moving map technology.

As a feature set, Arc for Young Explorers is made possible using the flexibility of the Arc 3D map engine. This gives even the most deliberate of airline cartographers a vast and imaginative roadmap of map-making possibilities.

Soar, Explore, Hear that Roar

Arc for Young Explorers’ Soar offers users the chance to hop on the back of a giant flying dinosaur and follow their flight path on the moving map, from take-off to landing.

Two different modes of interaction with the map help users to explore the world beneath them during flight: autoplay and interactive. Autoplay includes five different views filled with dinosaur trivia, fun facts, and flight information, while interactive mode offers users the ability to free-roam the map with pinch-and-zoom navigation.

And finally, you can hear that roar by using Arc for Young Explorers to control the way dinosaurs sound and move, with passenger-commanded animations and sound buttons that reveal even more entertaining Jurassic-era facts and trivia.

A Moving Map for Everyone

Bursting with bold, bright colors and a host of clickable, interactive options, Arc for Young Explorers also replaces key points of interest on the map with images of oversized dinosaurs, offering passengers of all ages a fun and unique way to map out their journey.

“Family travel is expected to be considerable in 2021 and beyond, and Arc for Young Explorers is just one more way we are looking to make that first time back in the air as fun and entertaining as possible for your passengers,” says Andrew Mohr, Vice-President of Digital Solutions at Panasonic Avionics.

Arc for Young Explorers is also the first in a series of new features we’re planning to roll out for Arc. So, that too is something well worth roaring about.

Find out more information about Arc right here.

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