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Innovation Studios

Panasonic Avionics’ Innovation Studios is where imaginative minds come together to explore, ideate, problem solve, and create real results.

On the rim of Silicon Valley, our very first Innovation Studio is located in Pleasanton, California.

Collaborate with the Best in the Industry

At each session you will be working side by side with airline industry leaders full of ideas ready to be brought to fruition. Whatever your talent may be, at our Innovation Studio you will be a part of a team determined to bring forward the future of air travel.

Enter a Workplace of Inspiration

Influenced from Japan, where our company was founded, Scandinavia, where our first Innovation design group is located, and California, where our headquarters and the heart of innovation are. At our Innovation Studio we have created an ergonomic space and inspirational work environment ready to be utilized by you. Workshops and ideation sessions are user-experience-led and thrive in a curated approach and process. There you will be in a state of mind where work comes easy and leaving comes hard.

Let’s Transform the Airline Industry

Use the opportunity to have a direct effect on the evolution of inflight entertainment and communications, and personalized digital experiences. Push the change you want to see in the airline industry and embrace ambiguity to facilitate discovery.

Explore the Fourth Place

At Panasonic Avionics we have labeled the air travel experience as the Fourth Place and we invite you to help perfect this experience. From the moment when you think about traveling to when you leave your home, to the time you land at your destination and start your adventure, the fourth place is vast and ready to be explored by you.