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Whether we are passengers or workers in the travel industry, we are all affected by COVID-19. Recovering from it will be the biggest challenge the industry has ever faced. That means you have the tough task of welcoming passengers back with new policies and practices in place to ensure their health and safety.

Introducing The Welcome Aboard Collection

Designed to help you augment your efforts to create a safe and healthy travel experience, reduce costs, and reinforce your commitment to safety and care. The collection consists of solutions to address post-COVID travel, focused on:​

Touching Less With New Technologies

Leveraging technology to reduce touchpoints on the aircraft

Companion App

Create a consistent, omnichannel IFE experience with PED integration


Support data movement to/from the aircraft without physical touch

Onboard Reader

Digitize publications to replace seatback pocket reading material

Contactless IFE Control

Enable PED control of the seatback IFE to facilitate confident entertainment use

Caring For Your Passengers And Employees

Transform the cabin into a cared-for space with IFE and environmental enhancements


Solicit real-time feedback and insight into passenger experiences


Improve air quality in premium seat spaces using nano-sized hydroxyl radicals

Active Surfaces™

Increase ease and effectiveness of surface cleaning with embedded controls

As your long-term partner, we are committed to
supporting and accelerating your transformation.

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