Change is a constant in consumer technology. It affects the way we work, live and interact. For an airline, responding to different changes in passengers trends presents challenges. As an industry, we need to approach IFEC differently.

It’s not about creating technology for technology’s sake – it’s about innovating with purpose.

Panasonic’s NEXT IFEC platform is built specifically in response to our generation’s trends and challenges. NEXT is a not a traditional IFEC system. It’s the industry’s most powerful business platform, enabled by Panasonic’s ecosystem of value-added services, tools, applications, and partnerships. It’s a tailored solution that’s as unique as your airline.

NEXT is scalable. NEXT is for widebody, narrowbody, everybody.

NEXT is modular. It’s a platform which powerfully combines hardware, software, and functional pieces that can be easily added or subtracted based on your current business climate.

The value of NEXT is increased exponentially by Panasonic’s digital ecosystem. Our global connectivity network, weather services, data and analytics service, and maintenance organization are just a few examples of this. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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