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At Panasonic Avionics, we provide global, high-speed in-flight connectivity for commercial aviation that delivers the experience people are used to on the ground, and expect when they fly.

World Class In-flight Connectivity

As a leading provider of in-flight entertainment and connectivity services globally, we have the experience and expertise to deliver connectivity services that meet your business goals and keep your passengers connected to what matters most while flying. Our connectivity services have been designed to improve efficiencies, empower your cabin experience teams, and create a world-class connectivity service that covers 99.8% of the flight routes used by the world’s airlines.

Stream Your Favorite Content

Give your passengers the ability to stream their favorite content, ensuring they have a great connectivity experience while flying – whether they’re working or relaxing.

Meet Future Demand

Protect your investment with a scalable global network that provides a superior connectivity service that meets passenger expectations today and into the future.

Expand Your Passenger Engagement Opportunities

Our unique portfolio of digital services includes the visually immersive moving map Arc™, online store capabilities with Marketplace, the ability to use your smartphone with Companion App, and more.

Variety of Payment Options

Leverage a world-class payment platform that offers a variety of payment options that are simple, flexible, and secure. Passengers may use their preferred method, including credit card, Apple Pay®, and more.

Continuing Enhancements

Use our Quality of Experience (QoE) platform to make informed, data-driven decisions and adjust your connectivity service quickly and easily to ensure the highest levels of passenger satisfaction.

We Do The Heavy Lifting So You Don’t Have To

We understand that running an airline is a complex business. That’s why we offer a 360-degree technical and commercial support package that makes operating your connectivity service simple and cost efficient.

Improved Performance with Panasonic Hardware

Panasonic Avionics’ hardware not only powers our Wi-Fi connectivity services – it also works to enhance your passengers’ connectivity experience. Our Single Panel Antenna (SPA) is a fuselage-mounted Ku-band antenna that features a simplified design, improved performance, and delivers the bandwidth needed by passengers to have a world class connectivity experience, over the broadest geographical area. With a simplified mechanical design, the SPA design consumes less power and improves performance anywhere in the world.

Monitoring and Support

Our Panasonic Technical Services provides you with customized, proactive maintenance solutions that manage your connectivity support and cost, and your connectivity network is continuously monitored through our Customer Performance Center.

ZeroTouch™ – Effortless Content Delivery

With ZeroTouch, you can remotely deliver content to and from the aircraft via satellite, cellular, or Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s never been easier to adjust Panasonic Avionics’ offerings, deploy new features, configurations, and content remotely – letting passengers experience new media and offerings the moment they become available.

Mobile Services – Maximize the Number of Connected Passengers

Adding our mobile service, alongside Wi-Fi, provides the same connection and payment options that passengers are used to on the ground. Increase ancillary revenue by using mobile services to complement Wi-Fi and maximize the number of connected passengers.

Connectivity Commercial Plans – Solutions to Suit Your Strategy

We offer a range of flexible commercial plans to help deliver your desired passenger experience and meet your strategic goals, including our new Subscription Model. Our Subscription Model provides your aircraft with a dedicated throughput speed and gives you no pre-set data limits or overage fees.

Outfit Your Entire Fleet

With our turnkey solutions and the widest range of line-fit offerability in the market, we have the solutions and technology to keep your entire fleet connected.

Commercial and Marketing Support

We provide end-user connectivity packages and pricing recommendations to maximize take up and passenger satisfaction. Our specialized passenger marketing support will help ensure awareness through proven activities.

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