NEXT Online

A worldwide connectivity offering that enables an ecosystem of solutions and services, while enhancing the passenger experience.

What We Do

High-performance connectivity is a powerful way of building brand loyalty with passengers. But it also supports applications for the crew and flight deck, provides predictive maintenance and cyber security information to those on the ground, and delivers new and personalized content to passengers.

Enhancing Passenger Experience

Designed to keep passengers connected and satisfied throughout each flight.

Improving Operational Efficiencies

Streamline and automate operations and make adjustments in real time.

Generating New Business Opportunities

Drive strategy with insights gained from access to data usage partners.

How We Do It

We collaborate with airlines to develop innovative analytics tools that drive business opportunities.


Build loyalty through personalized map settings that travel with the passenger


Live content transforms the passenger viewing experience. We provide a consistent viewing experience across personal devices as well as Inflight Entertainment (IFE) systems to meet the demand for premium live content.

Our worldwide network partners include BBC World News, CNN, Euro News, CNBC and more. Panasonic holds the exclusive inflight distribution rights of IMG’s premium sports channels, Sport 24 and Sport 24 Extra – the world’s only 24/7 live sports channel for the airline industry.


Always-on support.


Panasonic supports airlines 24/7/365. Our Customer Performance Center is an industry standard ITIL-modeled 4-tier organization that proactively monitors and manages each aircraft equipped with NEXT Online services to provide peace-of-mind and confidence in your investment, from solutions to systems.

We continually work to improve performance to minimize your airline’s maintenance organization service of your aircraft and allow your crew to remain focused on serving your passengers.


Valuable connectivity. Invaluable opportunities.


WISP lets passengers connect to Wi-Fi while providing airlines a revenue generation and reporting platform. Flexible payment options help reduce payment friction and improve take rate, while configurable pricing options support airline segmentation strategies. WISP also provides data on passengers’ online behavior inflight, providing valuable insights for pricing optimization.


Effortless content delivery.


Manual uploads and downloads of content for an aircraft involves multiple teams, increasing operating costs and decreasing productivity.

With ZeroTouch™, airlines are able to remotely deliver content to and from the aircraft via satellite, cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity.

It’s never been easier to adjust Panasonic offerings, deploy new features, configurations and content remotely — letting passengers experience new media and retail offerings the moment they become available.

Connectivity, meet flexibility

We offer multiple, complementary connectivity options to appeal to different passenger segments, increase take rates, and support your unique business strategies.

Panasonic – Worldwide, high-speed satellite connectivity specifically designed for aviation.

Inmarsat’s GX Aviation – Global high-speed broadband service, operated by a single network provider.

AeroMobile – An easy connection to mobile devices that complements inflight Wi-Fi.

2019 Wireless Broadband Alliance winner for Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network


By leveraging price optimization, a major airline decreased customer complaints and increased connectivity revenue in just two weeks.

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