A personalized inflight map platform designed to enrich the passenger travel experience.

What We Do

By providing premium point-of-interest content, passengers are invited to engage in the travel experience, not just be on a “trip”. Through the ArcTM omnichannel platform, airlines can promote fully customizable destination services and tailored advertising and promotions, leveraging the monetization opportunities unique to the high visibility associated with the map platform.

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    Enhancing Passenger Experience

    Personalize the map experience and provide premium geo-triggered information and entertainment

  • Improving operational efficiencies

    Automate and adjust geographical content rapidly with new tools and services that make maps more dynamic with less effort

  • Generating business opportunities

    Leverage the high eyeball count of maps by displaying destination services, promotions, and affiliate programs on the map

How we do it

We change the approach to inflight maps by providing a versatile map platform and tools for airlines to configure their maps in a customized way to integrate their own content. Backed by our NEXT Cloud infrastructure and Insights analytics, the map platform is maintained and updated while in service.

  • Maps as a Service Platform

    Integrate with other NEXT solutions

    × Maps as a Service Platform

    Arc integrates with solutions like Marketplace, Insights, or NEXT Cloud as a gateway to monetization opportunities or dynamic content. APIs allow airlines and third parties to use the Arc feature set and add content and data layers to the Arc map views. Maps as a Service, or MaaS, makes it possible to give any application a geographical context.

  • Personalization

    Build loyalty through personalized map settings that travel with the passenger

    × Personalization

    Arc supports full personalization using a set of APIs and Companion App features which allow the passenger to save their personal preferences for current and future flights. Passengers can be welcomed by name within the map, see their historical journeys with the airline, see both their current and connecting flight status, and customize the map script.

  • Analytics

    Optimize passenger engagement and onboard map storage space through analytics

    × Analytics

    Arc Analytics track important metrics such as map usage, impressions, interactions, and engagement. Leveraging the Insights solution, Arc Analytics can be used to enhance the map database set or to enable and verify advertising and promotional impressions. Furthermore, analytics allows for storage optimization of map data based on actual passenger interaction.

We’ve been extremely impressed by the level of innovation that Panasonic Avionics is bringing to inflight moving maps, and are thrilled to contribute our expertise in flight tracking and provide cutting edge predictive technology to the feature set of Arc.

Matt Davis
Vice President of Sales at FlightAware
Our Partners

FlightAware’s integration with Arc provides passengers with new ways to see air travel and the globe, including an extensive airline fleet view during their entire journey. The partnership will further explore new features based on FlightAware’s state-of-the-art predictive technology, giving passengers precise runway and gate arrival times as well as proactive information about connecting flight delays.

Raleigh and Drake curates thousands of recommendations from hundreds of explorers, and Arc serves as the geographic platform to make this available to passengers’ fingertips. This collaboration amplifies Arc’s usability in entertaining and guiding passengers throughout the flight. This collaboration can also enable users to save, share, and book commissionable experiences through our map solution.

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