Panasonic Technical Services

Panasonic Technical Services brings together all of the engineering, technical, logistic, and infrastructure resources to deliver superior inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) solution service and support. The Mission Control Center offers 24/7 on-call support, providing technical assistance to maximize passenger satisfaction, while minimizing operational costs, and our global repair network delivers comprehensive repair services, backed by fast turnaround times. Panasonic’s Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements (SQAR) describe the specific quality standards required of all our suppliers.

Our global support organization keeps IFEC solutions fully operational, improving total cost of ownership, while satisfying the highest levels of passenger expectations.

Unique Depth of OEM Knowledge

With a specific focus on IFEC, Panasonic Avionics brings a unique depth of OEM knowledge and expertise to all maintenance activities, ensuring the highest levels of post-delivery reliability and passenger satisfaction through its global service solutions. We help ensure the lowest total cost of ownership by effectively allocating resources, addressing IFEC problems quickly and effectively, and proactively maintaining optimum system performance.

The Panasonic Technical Services workforce includes more than 1,200 highly-skilled IT network and certified licensed aircraft engineers, aircraft technicians, and repair technicians, with unsurpassed knowledge of IFEC hardware, software, and subsystems. Panasonic Technical Services operates the largest IFEC line maintenance and repair network in the world. Our 64 maintenance stations and nine repair facilities are strategically located around the globe, performing more than 34,000 turns a month, and completing repairs on more than 217,700 line replaceable units a year.

Comprehensive IFEC Solution Performance Measurement and Reporting Tools

Built-In Test Equipment (BITE) effectively detects, analyzes, and reports IFEC hardware and software faults for early detection of system issues before passenger impact for improved performance. The BITE operational data is analyzed by our comprehensive performance measurement tools to provide reliability and trend reporting for proactive support that improves IFEC solution effectiveness, reduces repair time, and lowers cost.

The Data Analysis Reliability Tracker (DART) provides insight into root causes of IFEC solution performance issues on an individual aircraft, specific route, or the entire fleet, to help lower total operational costs by more effectively managing resources to quickly address system problems.

The Online Maintenance Tool (OMT) continuously scans aircraft BITE data to view aircraft and flight-specific IFEC solution faults, system performance, reboots, and the impact of corrective actions, for proactive maintenance and maximum performance.

The Electronic Cabin Log Book (eLOG) records defects submitted by the cabin crew regarding IFEC equipment problems, attempted inflight remedies, and other events that impact the passenger experience, which are easily accessed by the line crew for speedy repairs, resulting in less maintenance time.

Tailored Support Programs

From supply chain logistics to worldwide fleet maintenance, Panasonic Technical Services offers a range of support programs that are tailored to meet an airline’s individual needs, around the clock, on the ground, and in the air, regardless of IFE supplier or system.

Tailored support packages include component support, storage and inventory management; unserviceable parts distribution to and from the repair shop; repairs, standard exchange services, line maintenance and technical advisory services, media loading services, IFEC installation and retrofit support, and IFE system survey and/or return to lessor.

We also offer customized turnkey support solutions that provide the airline with guaranteed performance for a fixed cost, including complete provision and self-certification of all aircraft maintenance and repair services, spares provisioning/procurement and supply chain activities, technical advisory support, and management of maintenance activities.

Our turnkey programs offer 24/7 maintenance support, access to the Panasonic Mission Control Center and repair network, as well as exclusive access to BITE, DART, OMT, and eLOG tools.

Onboard Maintenance

Our full suite of onboard maintenance support, service, and repairs, provides rapid problem identification and resolution


Mission Control Center

Delivering real-time fleet monitoring, 24/7 on-call support and rapid coordination of support activities


Global Repair

Strategically located global repair stations provide unparalleled expertise and customer service