Onboard Maintenance

Cost of ownership is a major concern when airlines are implementing an inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) solution or a cabin management system. The mission of Panasonic Technical Services is to deliver the best support and maintenance of the airline’s IFEC solution in order to maximize the return on their investment. Panasonic strives to be the airline’s business partner in tailoring solutions to achieve balance between readiness and operational expenses. Our global network of trained personnel and warehoused parts enables the airline to increase efficiency and mitigate costs.

Panasonic Technical Services delivers a full suite of onboard maintenance support, service, and repairs, providing rapid problem identification and resolution for improved turnaround time and ensuring optimum performance of the aircraft’s IFEC solution. Our highly trained and skilled maintenance and repair technicians hold multiple approvals worldwide, which cover our line station and repair operations, and then allow the self-certification of work performed in support the airline’s fleet around the world.

Panasonic Technical Services performs over 34,000 turns a month at more than 64 strategically located maintenance stations around the world, completing service and repair tasks quickly. We have the global capacity to address issues as problems occur, and can utilize resources whenever and wherever they are needed.

Key information regarding any IFEC problems encountered and recovery actions taken while in flight are entered into the electronic log book (eLOG) by the cabin crew. On the ground, the maintenance technician reads the entry, compares it with the Built-in Test Equipment (BITE) report to validate the root cause and perform trend analysis. Appropriate corrective action is then taken. Panasonic Technical Services has immediate access to design and installation engineers, as well as bulletins and drawings, for additional expertise that better enhances our troubleshooting and maintenance abilities.

Backed by our comprehensive IFEC performance measurement tools, Panasonic Technical Services provides proactive maintenance services. The eLOG and BITE data are analyzed to identify part failures, and repair and service trends, ensuring proper supply chain logistics, inventory management, and maintenance actions are taken, for maximum system performance and passenger satisfaction at minimum cost.

Global Repair

Strategically located global repair stations provide unparalleled expertise and customer service


Mission Control Center

Delivering real-time fleet monitoring, 24/7 on-call support and rapid coordination of support activities


Technical Services

Superior global maintenance support and customer service with support programs tailored to meet each airline’s individual needs